Wicket Support

Wicket Support
Get consultation, support and sales training from Wicket experts.

We have great confidence in Wicket. We believe that Wicket has a huge amount of potential. And we can help you take advantage of it.

We have worked on many successful Wicket projects. We have experience concerning all project phases, from initial design and analysis to deployment and installation. We can coach your developers and show them "best practices" of using Wicket. We can help you migrate your existing application to Wicket or integrate Wicket with existing technologies.

We provide on-site, e-mail based and telephone consultation. Or we can agree on a different consulting scheme that meets your requirements.


No software is perfect. Sometimes things just do not work as expected. To deal with all kinds of unexpected issues, we provide responsive commercial support for Wicket.


3 - 4 days on-site training courses. The most convenient way of starting to develop with Wicket. Find out more about the courses.

About us

We are people with in-depth knowledge of Wicket. Some of us are members of the core Wicket team. We have experience in building successful real world applications with Wicket, and we want to share our experience with you.

Why Wicket

Wicket is a mature, open source, java based web application framework. It's main focus is to allow easy and quick development of applications with complex user interface. There are tools that claim to provide "rapid" application development. Unlike many of them, Wicket also focuses on maintainability. The cost of maintaining (fixing or adding new features) to an application is very often under-estimated. Wicket's clean programming model and intuitive support for components leads to applications that are well structured, modularized and easily maintained.

Wicket is an open source product released under a very business friendly license. No matter what, Wicket will always remain free, with full access to it's source code.

The programming paradigm for Wicket is familiar to Java developers. They do not need to know any technologies other than Java and HTML. Ajax enabled applications can even be built without the developers having knowledge of javascript.

Wicket scales very well for development. Whether you are working in a team of 2 people or 20, you will have all the possibilities of breaking functionality down in smaller pieces. Depending on your project needs and developer resources, you may have developers working on whole pages, (reusable) panels, or even on highly specialized components. Because wicket uses valid html pages to define the look of pages and their layout, you can also use web designers and html/CSS specialists to work on the look of the site without them having to know Java or any other special language/syntax.